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Antidumping - Analytical Informationsystems  


Our services include:

  • Analysis of the questionnaire
    Together with the company, we analyze the extent of the required response to the antidumping questionnaire.
  • Coordination of tasks
    In coordination with the responsible company departments, we identify necessary tasks, including evaluations, reports and compilation of other data, and create appropriate interfaces for exchange of information.
  • Transfer of data
    We transfer the requested data to defined formats. Depending upon the requirement, the format may be a consolidation of information or information concerning a single transaction.
  • Processing of data
    RF-Consulting converts the collected information into the required form. In this phase of the response preparation, we communicate intensively with the company.
  • Confirmation of data
    The plausibility check of the collected information is of major importance. The information to be submitted to the investigating authority must be consistent and withstand critical scrutiny from the opposing party.
  • Computation and examination of results
    Before the questionnaire response is submitted, we estimate the likely antidumping duty that will be imposed upon the company. After the investigating governmental authority announces its results of the investigations, we examine the correctness of the results and raise objections in case of errors.
  • Delivery of data to the investigating authority
    In coordination with the law firm, we submit the questionnaire response to the investigating governmental authority.
  • Presentation and proof during on-site verification by the investigating authority
    The investigating authority will examine the completeness and accuracy of submitted information in an on-site verification. Together with the company, we assist in the presentation of data and documentation to prove the completeness and accuracy of the company's questionnaire response.

For companies that have experienced an antidumping proceeding and wish continuing support, we offer an analysis and a reporting system for antidumping. A description of this system can be found here.