In the wake of the rapid pace of globalization, more and more trade barriers are being eliminated. Despite widespread commitments to free trade, however, an intense battle is being fought behind the scenes.

Many producers are struggling to compete in the global economy and demanding countermeasures from their governments to prevent cheap imports from entering their home markets. Antidumping duties are one such countermeasure. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ("GATT") defines "dumping" as offering a product on the target market at a price lower than the comparable price of a like product on the home market.

If a manufacturer is injured by dumping, it can request that its government impose anti-dumping duties against the injuring product. Governmental authorities then initiate an investigation to determine whether dumping has occurred and the extent of the dumping.

Upon the initiation of such an antidumping investigation, an exporter of the product under investigation is suddenly confronted with a comprehensive catalogue of questions that require the processing and transmission of an enormous amount of business and financial information.

A company participating in an antidumping investigation will seek support in two ways: first, legal assistance from a lawyer specializing in international trade and second, assistance from a business consultant with experience and expertise in this field.

RF-Consulting's services consist of analyzing and evaluating the antidumping questionnaire, compiling company data required for the response to the questionnaire, and processing the data into the form prescribed by the investigating governmental authority. A detailed description of our services can be found below under Services.