Monthly antidumping analysis and reporting system

In a relatively simple response to an antidumping questionnaire, data is extracted once from the company's computer database, converted into proper form and submitted to the investigating governmental authorities. It may even be possible to prove that no dumping has occurred.

It can also happen, however, that an enterprise is drawn into a continuous antidumping procedure and is forced to respond to a questionnaire on an annual basis. Furthermore, some companies, although not involved in a current proceeding, may be constantly vulnerable to an antidumping investigation against certain of their product groups.

In both of the latter cases, it is necessary to coordinate the prices between the export market and the home market to either eliminate an existing price dumping or to ensure that no price dumping exists if an investigation is initiated.

Instead of utilizing a reporting system that attempts to capture past results, a company that is continuously confronted with an (anticipated) antidumping proceeding can instead opt to develop a preventive system featuring early warning reporting.

RF-Consulting assists you in the organization and operation of such a reporting system.